Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bubbly little granddaughters, two, wanting to be princesses for Grandma and Grandpa, paused their wiggles long enough for Cathy to snap moments for eternity. This was the Christmas surprise for their mommy and daddy. The 16X20, framed and lovely, was hidden away in Grandma’s suitcase for the holiday trip to Colorado. The 5-yr-old and grandma [me] dashed to the gift-wrapping corner. We fussed and wrapped and bowed and tagged “to my mommy and daddy, Merry Christmas”. Can you imagine the look of surprise on my son and daughter-in-law’s faces when they gazed on their lovely daughters’ pictures? All the different poses were unique and capturing and I’ll be ever grateful. We even sneaked in a great photo of the UW Husky Dawg fans with the girls in their cheerleading outfits to grace our mantel. What fun!
Thanks Cathy for making a dream come true – I always thought it would be an unattainable goal, but you made it a reality. Thank You! Wayne and Cheryl

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